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HASDER Handmade Cultural Souvenirs Competition  Rules and Conditions for Participants


The competition aims to promote the rich cultural values of Cyprus as well as to encourage every willing individual to take a role in producing traditional and/or modern handcrafts, which can later be exhibited in domestic and international fairs and/or utilized as merchandise.

The project aims,

-To encourage, improve and diversify the production of qualified hand-made souvenirs;

-To introduce the Cypriot culture in a modern perspective by diversifying the handcraft designs which will eventually support the handcrafts production and set an example for the related sector;

-To encourage, support and motivate the related designers and craftsmen;

-To sustain the participation of the designers and artists in the production of Cypriot handcrafts and keep the interest of the people to traditional handcrafts alive.


All designers, artists and craftsmen residing in Cyprus are eligible for the contest. The contest is organized in the handcraft branches listed below. The participants are required to choose their category of interest and include the selection on the Application Form. Participants can choose more than one category and can produce up to five designs for each category. Each design must be submitted as a fully completed product (not as models or drawings) and should produced in a 1/1 scale. Award winning products would belong to HASDER Folk Arts Foundation and cannot be produced and sold without permission.

1st Category:

- Wooden handcrafts produced with the traditional Cypriot wood carving techniques,

2nd Category

- Textile products (hand-waived products, silkworm cocoon products, Lapta needle-works, Lefkara needle-works, embroidery etc.)

3rd Category

- Plant/plant fiber products produced with traditional techniques (fans, mat chairs, wicker baskets, baskets etc.)

4th Category

- Other raw materials not stated above or mixed of different raw materials and produced with traditional techniques (ceramics, stone carvings, plaster works or other mixed materials)


Participants must submit their designs (products) between the dates of 15-20 August 2005 during the working hours (08.30-16.30) in person to the address stated below. Applications submitted via mail, cargo etc. as well as those submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Participants must fill out different Application and Information Forms for each product/design they submit.

The Application Form must be submitted in a blank white envelope sealed by the participant. The design/product must accompany the Application Form and the Information Form about the product.

The participants are required to label their sealed envelopes, Information Form and the design/ product with the registration number that they will be given. It should be ensured that all the forms and the design/product have the same registration number. The designs/products are required to be completely finished and nicely packaged before submission.

Any sign, text, etc. (on the submitted envelopes, forms and products)which can reveal the identity of the applicant other than the registration number are strictly forbidden.

Only the designs that fulfill all the regulations will be taken into consideration. The Jury will open the sealed envelopes after the evaluation of the products and the applications with missing information and/or partially filled forms will be disqualified.

Contact address for further information and product submission:

HASDER Folk Arts Institute

1, Idadi Street

Selimiye Square – NICOSIA

Tel: (0392) 2289020-2290309


Products that have never been marketed before will only be evaluated.

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

-Obedience to the competition regulations,

-Convenience for mass production,

-Reflection of the cultural identity,

-Proper design,

-Convenience of the raw material and its proper usage,

-Good craftsmanship,

-Proper information about the product,

-Proper packaging,


A Jury will be set up to evaluate and choose the award winning products/designs submitted to the HASDER 2005 Handmade Cultural Souvenirs Contest. The Jury members and/or their first degree relatives can not participate in the contest.

The Jury will consist of the following people:

-The President (representing the Folk Arts Foundation),

--Specialist (s) on the different categories,

-Academician (s) relevant to the subject,

-Industrial designer (s).

The Jury may set up sub-committees among its members and/or with additional participation based on need.


The contest has both a Grand Prize Winner and an Honorable Mention Prize Winner for each category elected by the Jury. Furthermore, there will be special prizes given by the Chamber of Turkish Cypriot Artisans and Craftsman.

The Grand and the Honorable Mention Prizes are set as 1,500.00 USD and 500.00 USD respectively. Special prizes of the Chamber will be 100 CYP for each category. The prizes cannot be divided and/or shared. The Jury may not award a winner in any category due to the lack of qualification of the participants. All the participating designers and craftsmen will receive a Participation Certificate.

Right To Use and Exhibit: 

HASDER qualifies for the exhibition and usage rights of any award-winning or non award-winning products submitted a month after the competition.

HASDER qualifies for the copyrights (mass production, marketing, exhibition etc.) of the award-winning products.

The non award-winning products participated in the competition may be bought by HASDER at a suitable price which will be set later on by HASDER and the designer/craftsman.

HASDER has the publication rights of all products participated in the contest, including the award winning ones.

Return Policy:

The non award-winning participants may get their product(s) back within 15 days following the end of the exhibition. The participants forfeit all their rights on their product(s) after the 15-day period.

Other Regulations: 

-Any category of the contest will be cancelled unless at least 5 products are present.

-The participants should carefully read this document and by signing below declare that they accept all the rules, conditions and the regulations listed on this document


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