The Folk Arts Association redefines its mission, vision and its aims as necessary taking into account the world conditions which are constantly changing and developing. Stated below is its new mission, vision and aims determined as from the year 2000:

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a modern, progressive and democratic foundation which opposes segregation of race, religion, culture and gender with a consciousness of social responsibility while giving equal importance to the principles of volunteerism and professionalism. The desire is to educate the society of Cyprus and organize activities concerning the issues of culture, arts, folklore, handcrafts, environment, citizenship and consumer rights in parallel with the constantly expanding and improving civil movements around the world.

Our Mision:

  • To organize social, cultural, artistic and educative events in order to protect, prosper, explore, introduce and keep alive the traditional cultural values of Cyprus.

  • To assist and attend any events organized with the outline stated above.

  • To establish and to operate non-profit businesses related to the issues of culture-art, folklore, handcraft, environment, citizenship ands consumer rights.

  • To start and run youth and children clubs.

  • To strive to be an independent, consistent and stable non-governmental organization in our country.

  • To encourage and to generalize volunteerism in events and organizations which seek to promote social well-being.

  • To employ professional employees in order to enhance the service quality, when necessary.

  • To strive to serve a greater number of people by opening branches in other towns outside Nicosia.

  • To work towards the realization of a system founded on principles of peace and democracy that respects the identities and cultures of all communities living in Cyprus.

  • To cooperate and develop projects with national and international organizations with similar goals.


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