Youth Club visits the Near East College.

HASDER Youth Club visited NEC about the ongoing Recycling Project by the science department.

Young Painters in the Sarayönü Square.

Hundreds of children taking part in the "Haydi Resim Yapalım" (Let's paint!) activity met at Sarayönü to paint pictures. The theme was "Let's follow the trafic rules."

HASDER Children's Night brought together 120 children.

Children's Night held as part of the 15. Children and Stories Festival took place last night in Atatürk Culture Centre in Nicosia.

HASDER Children Club in Eskişehir.

Folk dancers from HASDER Folk Arts Foundation Children Club are participating in the International Children's Festival held in Eskişehir...

HASDER 15. Children and Stories Festival

HASDER Folk Arts Foundation's 15. Children and Stories Festival is taking place between 7-15 of May...

'Halkbilimi' Periodical

The 51. issue of the 'Halkbilimi' Periodical is out. As always, the periodical contains various articles about Cypriot folklore.

Computer Training

HASDER gave free computer training to 100 Turkish Cypriot...

Annual HASDER Folklore Workshop

The 22. HASDER folklore workshop where the Cypriot folklore researchers share and discuss their research took place on the 20th of December 2004.

Folklore Research continues in the South...

HASDER Folklore Research Team consisting of Engin Anıl, Ali Nebih and Vaso Vasiliou visited Greek researcher Grigoris Assiotis about Cypriot folk dances.

"Green Consumer Project" starts with a campfire event.

Joint "Green Consumer Project" of HASDER Youth Club and Soma Akriton started with the campfire event on 22nd of November 2003...

“How did we become enemies?” workshop held.

A group of teenagers from HASDER Youth Club and Soma Akriton had a workshop about Cyprus issue on 6th of February 2004 Ledra Palace Hotel Conference Hall.

Youth Club on EU trip in the "Green Consumer Project"

HASDER Youth Club visited European Commission, European Parliament and European's Consumer Organisation in Brussels during 15-19th of February.

Youth Club visits shopping centres with Soma Akriton.

HASDER Youth Club and Soma Akriton visited 6 shopping centers (3 in the North, 3 in the South) to inspect the product labels as a part of the ongoing "Green Consumer Project."

Cycling for Peace

HASDER Youth Club and Soma Akriton organized "Cycling for peace" day on the 6th of March 2004.


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