HASDER Children Club

Practice Hours:

10.00-11.30 - Folk dancing (two groups)
11.30-12.30 - Children's Choir
11.30-12.30 - Art and Handcraft Practices
12.30-13.30 - Lunch Break
13.30-14.30 - Games and Education Hour (in English)
14.30-16.00 - Folk dancing (two groups)


Member children are grouped into 4 according to their ages and experiences. Participants have to obey to the following rules:

  • Folk dancing rehearsals last for one and a half hours while other practices are for one hour.

  • Children are required to attend practices regularly unless they have a valid excuse for not showing up.

  • The children can leave the building only with the permission of the instructor.

  • The practices have to be attended with sneakers and track suits.

  • To maintain regular attendance there will be attendance check every practice and these attendance checks will be examined monthly.


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