Children Club

HASDER Children Club started activities in 1986, however it was not until 1991 that the organization was formed due to a series of financial problems and political pressure from outside. Since then, the activities have been carried out with the very valuable contributions and self-sacrifice of our volunteers.

Registration Conditions:

Any child between the ages 7 and 11 is eligible to register at the club by submitting three passport-size photos and a registration fee. Registered members need to pay a monthly fee to enable club' to pay its expenditures. Activities take place weekly on Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00.

Children Club Activities:

  • Folk Dances

  • Choir

  • Painting and Handcrafts

  • Games and Education in English

  • Theatre

  • Environmental Activities


a) Folk Dances

The children are divided into four dance groups according to their ages and folk-dance experience. Each group has 2 instructors and 26 students. The mission of this activity is to teach our children their traditional dances to strengthen their identity as Cypriots and to develop their respect for other cultures.

b) Choir

Choir groups consist of 25 to 30 people and the aim is to teach its members their own folk music as well as other universal songs.

c) Painting

This activity aims to improve imagination and creativity and children's sensitivity to art. In addition, it provides an environment where children can express themselves better.

d) Theatre

Performing local and universal theatre works in a proper level for children. Our mission is to develop children's self confidence, the ability to express themselves, creativity, team-work skills and their love for theatre.

e) Trips

Activities involve trips to turtle-nests on the beachs, observation of migratory and other birds, visiting historical places, planting trees, having picnics (with families,) visiting kindergartens. The mission is to introduce Cyprus in all of its' aspects to the children so that they will grow up to be a responsible person for their country and community.

f) Children's Ball

The ball takes place once a year and its main purpose is to bring together all students, their families and the members of the foundation.

g) Activities Day

This great day includes folk dance shows, choir concert, skits (both Turkish and English), local games, drawing, competitions, introduction to and sales of local Cyprus food, and many more. The purpose of this day is to present the activities that children have been involved with throughout the year, and to create an environment where children can have fun.

h) Children and Stories Festival

A Story Telling Competition is held which aims to attract the attention of children to stories, to promote reading and to introduce universal cultural values as well as their own cultural values. The festival contributes to the development of individuals who can express themselves clearly, who are self-confident and who can efficiently use their native language.

Children and Stories Fest consists of:

  • storytelling competition among children,

  • children and stories symposium,

  • painting fest (iki toplumlu,)

  • bi-communal Story and Peace Festival ( The story telling of 5 Turkish Cypriot children and 5 Greek Cypriot children will be followed by the songs of the bi-communal children choir.)

  • drama night for children of kindergarten level.

i) Book Reading

Our aims are to form a library that will consist of contemporary books that are suitable for kids and to organize gatherings where kids can talk about the books they have read.

i) Children's Magazine

The magazine is published once a year. The magazine contains information about the activities carried out by the Children Club within that year as well as poems, essays etc. written by children.

j) Çocuk Kösesi

Üye çocuklarin kendilerine ve üretimlerine ait bir köse olusturulmasi.

k) Children's Camp

Each year, between the dates of 20-30 June a summer camp is held in Kantara. The camp participants are members of the HASDER Children Club.

l) English Activity Hour

The aim is to provide children with activities that will enhance their English and allow them to interact with children from other communities.

m) Bi-communal and International Activities

The Children Club welcomes bi-communal and international activities within its schedule.


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